TrapWire’s Threat Detection Platform Is Data Agnostic When It Comes To Tackling Crime

Whether your security concerns focus on thwarting terror attacks, protecting your employees from workplace violence, or detecting the insider threat to your intellectual property, the greatest challenge you’ll face is how to make sense of the seemingly insurmountable amount of data coming at you. To compound the issue, these data streams are often from multiple sources – everything from criminal complaints, CCTV camera footage, suspicious activity reports, and law enforcement bulletins. How do you make sense of this information and determine what is (and just as importantly, what isn’t) a true threat?  TrapWire’s “Intelligent Security Method” might be the answer.

Detecting and tracking criminal tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) are at the heart of what TrapWire does. Combining artificial intelligence with proprietary algorithims and subject matter expertise, TrapWire Inc. has developed a state-of-the-art threat detection and analysis platform that is positioning its users “left of boom.” Whether it’s protecting a major military installation, an international transportation hub, remote oil fields, or a single bank branch, TrapWire’s “shaped data” approach to threat detection is providing value-added to current security practices, and moving their clients from a reactive to proactive security posture.

Although the TrapWire platform is built on the concept of public/private sector information sharing principles, data security and privacy protections remain critical to the success of the system. TrapWire is in the process of obtaining FedRAMP certification with sponsorship by the Department of Defense, and has undergone several Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA) from the Department of Homeland Security and others. TrapWire has also consistenly received “exceptional vendor performance” recognition from state and local police departments, who note that the firm always goes above and beyond in the areas of customer service and technical support. It is no wonder the firm’s customer retention rate is above 95%.

If you would like to learn more about this innovative approach to security, visit their website at, or check back at this webpage for regular updates on the firm and its “Intelligent Security” system.

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