TrapWire’s Surveillance Detection System Can Find That Needle In The Haystack


Recent events in Parkland, Florida; Austin, Texas; and Washington DC show that the “it-can’t-happen-here” mentality is no longer an option when it comes to protecting your facilities and personnel. Whether it is a terrorist attack, an active shooter event, or organized criminal activity, the battlefield has changed, and simply relying on a reactive security posture is no longer viable. While the criminal MO may have changed, there are security solutions available that have kept pace with this evolving threat.  Specifically,  TrapWire.

Founded in 2004 by former intelligence and special operations officers, the TrapWire system was originally deployed as a counter-terrorism tool to protect critical infrastructure sites around the US and the UK. Since then, the system has become an integral part of the security posture at military installations, Fusion Centers, law enforcement and private sector organizations who are seeking preventative rather reactive security solutions. For those looking to learn more about TrapWire and its innovative approach to thwarting criminal and terror threats in the planning stages, you’ve come to the right place.

First thing’s first: contrary to some of the hyperbole that exists online, TrapWire is not a “surveillance system” connected to CCTV or other types of cameras. In fact, you do not even need cameras at your site to use TrapWire. At its core, TrapWire’s “Intelligent Security Methodology” is used by law enforcement, private security and professional analysts to shape and analyze threat data. This can be imagery, LPR feeds, CAD system reports, or suspicious activity reports filed by security personnel or the general public. The TrapWire National Network currently consists of almost 2,500 sites, all sharing threat and criminal data that is then analyzed for indicators of pre-event planning, or to help detect patterns indicative of repeat activity across time and space. All of this is done on a very user friendly platform that eliminates “swivel chair” report entering and analysis.

To learn more about how TrapWire can bring value-added to your security program, visit their Website at, or check back to this webpage for updates and the latest news on this state-of-the-art system.